Got off to a late start so the day was cut in half before we were moving. Quick lunch in Morgantown, WV. All controversy aside, I enjoyed the waffle fries at Chick Fil-A more than I expected. We saved the extra sauce and napkins. Landed at the Motel 6 in Richmond, VA around 8:30. Room 147 out by the airport. Don’t feel too safe here. I asked Jacquelyn on the ride in if the Motel 6 has continental breakfast. She fired back that Motel 6 is called Motel 6 because the rooms only cost $6 when they first opened. Approx. $60 today. You get a bed and a bathroom, hopefully a TV. Safety not guarenteed.
We called our banks so they wouldn’t put a freeze on our cards. It felt cryptic leaving it at that we didn’t know where we would be going, bohemian or reticent? Neither. I baked peanut butter cookies instead of making breakfast. We paid the meter for an hour’s worth in Morgantown. Lunch at Chaang Thai Restaurant. Two different people entered the restaurant from off the street just to say hello to a man who was eating there with his son. Nothing there for them but him. When we left, I checked, and you couldn’t see him from outside. We couldn’t fit the whole open map in the car at once. We made new creases and folded the map to suit our trajectory to Richmond. The legend was in French. I misdirected Andy leaving Morgantown. “It’s ok,” he said, “I needed a place to throw my apple anyway.” I was making waves out the window when I thought I’d been shot through my open palm. Made contact with a bug doing 60mph. Andy told me to keep the napkin that I used to wipe my hand. The AM radio station we landed on sounded like a shortwave radio and played Adele. Just like being on hold with Virgin Mobile in 2010.